straight white boy: what are you doing?

me: laying in bed 

straight white boy: anything else? ;) 

me: no 

straight white boy: are you sure? ;)



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Anonymous asked: I'd be happy to donate if you posted nudes

id be happy to post nudes if you kill yourself you fucking creep

thinking of starting a gofundme to help me be one of these for halloween. help me live my dream. buy this for me.

iranwithscissors asked: I'm sorry it took me this long to realize how pretty you are. I mean damn gurl.

it’s understandable. it’s taken me 22 years to realize im decent looking.

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this black swan costume is so fucking cute but the batman corset makes me look like I actually have tits… ://

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How we beat the heat in Australia. Ice cold can on a warm belly.

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Some places are like people: some shine and some don’t.

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work has been so boring today ive officially re-watched the entire 6th season of parks & rec. my fav episode will always be the one where they all find dirt on each other and gerry accidentally finds out he was adopted👪👥❓❓

omg some old lady just came up to my desk and was staring at me for a bit so i said how are you? like two times

instead she just ignored me then told me to look up at her and told me i had beautiful eyes and she just wanted to look at my face for a little while…..

old people make me so uncomfortable omg.

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