this lady just came up to my desk at work and was just standing there for like 30 seconds staring at me so i looked at her and said hello and she just kept staring at me then walked away….


OR when I thought TLC’s ‘Jason waterfalls’ was about their friend who died cliff diving, until I was a senior in high school

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omg my professor just called me out in class and said even though im the most quiet and i never say a word im one of the brightest people in the class lmao

everyone looked at me and i just said hi

anthonysmindofstuff asked: Can I just say, not only are you super pretty but you have a lovely body =]

thanks, i like to stay in shape by sticking to a very strict fast food diet.

Anonymous asked: You asked for anons.... Is there anything erotic you want to see from me? I am young and well endowed and many people tell me I am attractive. Although I think I am average


mods are asleep post fat beagle


here i am minding my own business taking dumb selfies when i hear this strange inhuman cry outside my door..

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You Da One - Rihanna

lol true last night I tried updating my phone and it erased everything… i of course backed it up before doing this, so all my pictures and crap are saved on my computer, but the restore from backup didn’t work after like seventeen tries -_____- i have my music and contacts?? but no pictures or texts or notes or any saved settings. serious first world probs right now.

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